ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Perfect Scarf

The weather has been a lot warmer lately—it’s starting to feel a lot more like spring. The sun is out, but it’s still breezy and chilly. It’s too early to wear only a tank top. So what do we do? We put on a vibrant scarf, of course! This accessory will keep you warm and still look sophisticated. Everyone on campus is wearing them (both guys and girls!), so why aren’t you?

This Fashionista caught my eye because of how she immaculately matched everything together. From the Fashionista’s beautifully thin, golden belt to her brown cross-body bag—everything about this Fashionista is on point. The main point of her outfit is definitely her scarf. Her scarf really tied all her other accessories together, and seamlessly combined it all for an overall polished look. The yellow cardigan blended well with her tan scarf. This Fashionista pinned a small sparkly bird pendant on her scarf that really made her stand from the crowd. There are so many different looks you can try by wearing a scarf. Scarves make great accessories for any occasion and style. These are three alternatives scarves to consider: a silky ombre wrap, the tassel-fringed square or even the classic long cashmere scarf.

How To: Looking for a way to spice up your look? No worries! Scarves are the perfect accessory for any outfit! In colder areas, pair a scarf with a cropped turtleneck to elevate your look. Or, for warmer areas, wear a tight black dress so that the color in the scarf really pops. Earrings and a fedora go well with scarf, too. Try to experiment!