April 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey there, Fashionistas! This week is dedicated to all my Fashionistos out there who stay stylish. On a college campus, it is easy to fall into the trap of wearing the casual sweats and plain T-shirt, especially for guys. I want to encourage all the Fashionistos out there to stay stylish because we do notice you.

I saw this Fashionisto and immediately fell in love with all the accessories he added to his look, including his man purse duffle bag. It is generally unconventional for guys to carry bags, but they need something to carry all their things in, too. Most Fashionistos carry messenger bags or sometimes printed backpacks. Most men shy away from the man purse because they don’t want to be viewed as feminine. I think the benefit to the duffle bag is that it looks very masculine and can be effective in carrying what they may need. This can particularly apply to our Fashionistos who are likely carrying books from class to class. However, this Fashionisto is making a statement with his man purse. I have seen this trend emerging and definitely want to see more of this trend developed in men’s fashion. Unfortunately, this trend remains mostly unexplored by today’s designers.

This Fashionisto has set the record high for the man purse. He paired his man purse with a gray wide brim fedora and a gray scarf. His overall look exudes suffocation but still has that chill factor to make it not too over the top. I challenge all the Fashionistos out there to not be afraid of the man purse.

How To: You can look like this Fashionisto by getting a duffle bag from big brands like J.Crew, Louis Vuitton luggage lines or emerging designers, like 10 deep division.