Nude heels should be one of the most essential and versatile shoes in your closet. If you don’t own them yet, they should be on your spring shopping list! This amazing trend really skyrocketed last year with the nude stiletto pumps worn by celebrities. Now, it is a trend that the common woman can love.

Sadly, not everyone has long, lean legs, but these shoes will solve the issue. The nude color creates an illusion that your legs are longer and thinner! This is perfect if you have a longer torso and shorter legs. The color will also match almost anything in your closet. Whether you feel like wearing bold prints or all-black, these shoes will complement your look.

This Fashionista chose to wear a cute navy print dress with a girly cardigan, and she looks perfect for warm weather. Her nude wedges work as a great transition from winter to spring. The color of the heels looks great with white, navy and gold and can be imagined with any other color in this Fashionista’s closet. Her shoes have a low heel, so they are more comfortable and easier to walk in. This Fashionista is dressed up, but also looks appropriate for any casual occasion.

Spring and summer typically involve a ton of boring flip-flops and shorts, but use nude heels to update your look. Throw them on to dress up a skirt or capris, and you will feel confident. This trend is very diverse and includes strappy nude wedges, beige clogs and nude pumps. All these styles will do the trick at elongating your legs and completing your wardrobe!

How To: Feel like wearing heels but still looking casual? Throw on some strappy sandals with a low heel or a wedge bootie. These are short enough to still look casual and will feel comfortable as well.