ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Little Black Skirt

April 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fashionistas have their favorite little black dress, but most of the time, we feel like it can only be worn on those special occasions like a night out or to an event. However, adding a little black skirt to our wardrobes can give off the same feeling our beloved LBD does, just without the restrictions.

With flowers blooming and birds chirping, many Fashionistas will want to ditch the jeans and leggings for a fun, flowy skirt. But if the bright sunny days are just a tease on your side of the world, you might require a different approach.

This Fashionista layers warmer pieces like this knit sweater with lace detail, a thin coat and a cool pair of tights underneath the little black skirt to give a spring style without compromising warmth. The addition of a simple black statement necklace plays up the ever-so-girly and flowy attitude Fashionistas tend to get when wearing a skirt or dress.

Finally, as the skirt is considered “mini,” pairing knee-high black boots with it not only complements the length of the skirt, but they also reinforce the tights by making them pop.

We’re used to our little black dresses doing everything we want in just one article of clothing. But what makes the little black skirt different is its versatility and the ease of being paired with almost anything to create the perfect outfit.

How To: Not too much of a skirt girl? Grab your favorite little black dress, and throw a sweater right over it—this helps you achieve this look while staying in your comfort zone.