ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Comeback of Grunge

I am sure we have all heard of that one saying that goes something along the lines of, “It’s always the little things that count the most.” When it comes to fashion, the little things are what make something unique and truly tailored to that specific person. To a certain degree, the little details we choose for our outfits give the world a little peek to who we are.

Tt first glance, this outfit just works. Every detail and piece works together in an effortless way. From head to toe, this Fashionista rocks every aspect of this look. Before I talk about the outfit a little more, I want to mention how flawless this Fashionista’s makeup looks as well. By choosing a more “natural” look, all of the focus is on the outfit.

This Fashionista pairs the casual T-shirt and jeans outfit with a classic red and black plaid cardigan along with a very cute black faux leather backpack and a simple (and very chic!) silver necklace to give the outfit that extra style factor.

Now, I have saved the best for last. I bet you can probably guess what my favorite piece of this outfit is by now: the black and white creeper shoes! Without the creepers, this outfit could be just any other casual look. By incorporating these statement shoes, she takes this classic T-shirt and jeans look and gives it a subtle punk/grunge feel. This twist is what truly enhances this overall look and brings this stylish ensemble together.

As I said before, the little things definitely count the most sometimes. So, whenever you think about leaving the house without that one statement piece (whether it be an article of clothing, a piece of jewelry, or some stellar shoes), run back inside and put it on. You won’t regret it!