ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Burrito Jacket

Coats are becoming a huge trend as a style piece rather than just something to keep you from frostbite. As the warmer weather is approaching, it is the perfect temperature to leave your parkas at home and break out your spring coats. These can be anywhere from plaid, leather, jean or army and ranging in lengths depending on your outfit choice and occasion.

This Fashionista snagged an amazing find! The color, comfort and style of this coat go with just about any outfit from going to class to a night out on the town. The best part about it is how warm it actually is as well. The zipper on this jacket goes all the way up to cover your face as much as you like, dubbing it burrito jacket. The thick cloth of the jacket keeps you warm and the hood folds nicely to add a stylish touch. Another great aspect of this jacket is the leather sleeves. It gives it a classy, grunge look. The sleeves also have zippers on the sides so you can wear bulkier sweaters. They are also on the pockets as well which tie in with the main zipper and ones on the sleeve adding some detail. The classic all-black look matches very well with the coat adding to the semi-grunge look with her leggings and black Timberland’s.

How To: Because jackets like these are more for style than warmth, try to match your outfits with the jackets. If you have a red plaid flannel jacket, stick with whites, blacks and grays so you don’t distract from the colors of the jacket or clash with the pattern. For this jacket really anything goes, but it is meant to be worn with styled outfits not just running errands in your sweats. So spice it up for class one day and use the coat to inspire your whole Monday look. They do say look good, feel good for a reason!