ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Blooming Flowers

April 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Spring is in full bloom, as is the floral spring trend! Spring is not only beautiful weather, but also a great inspiration for designer like Louis Vuitton and MaxMara. The spring 2015 runway was filled with floral patterns. But there were not just plain floral, though. There were bright florals, metallic florals and muted florals. This spring, there are florals for any taste. We aren’t just talking about floral down the runway. There are florals in shoes, crop tops, purses and even hats; this trend is not even gender specific. So if you are looking to add some flare to your spring wardrobe, just add a little flower power.

I found this Fashionisto rocking some floral even on a rainy spring day. Just because the day was gloomy didn’t mean this Fashionisto’s outfit should be. With a great floral Neff bucket hat, he added that extra flare to a comfortable school outfit. The black hat has red bold flowers that go great with the red joggers he is wearing. This hat is not just a nice, trendy statement piece, but it is also a useful thing for a hot, sunny day or a sudden spring shower. A simple knit Ralph Lauren shirt added to the comfortable feel of the joggers. Finally, this week’s Fashionisto added athletic shoes and kept the perfect relaxed look for a long day at school.

How To: Do you feel floral is too bold for your style? You don’t have to dress head to toe in a bright, bold floral top to follow this trend. You can stick to minor details like a floral clutch or shoes.