ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Beauty in Simplicity

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Beauty in Simplicity

Sometimes the most simple art catches the eye. We all have different opinions and different creative minds, but sometimes we don’t feel like putting together an elaborate outfit and instead go with something super basic. I promise that no one will judge you for going with a simple outfit with not much to it. A little secret: sometimes those outfits are the cutest, especially when you accessorize…it’s all in the details.

This Fashionista caught my eye for a few reasons. First, I found her outfit to be so simple yet stylish. She decided to pair a white Sox baseball jersey with ripped black jeans. Along with that she wore white converse—not too much to the outfit at first glance. Second, I noticed once spoke with her that she was wearing quite a few accessories. She kept the color scheme of black and white with multiple black necklaces around her neck and several silver rings on her fingers. Third, she added some color to her entire look through her makeup and jacket. She wore an olive green jacket and pink eyeshadow. While you might be thinking those colors don’t mix very well, she pulled it off.

My favorite part of the outfit was the way she wore multiple necklaces of different lengths. I was really into the thick, black lace choker she wore. Layering necklaces is trending right now and I love it! I’m definitely the kind of person who loves jewelry, I really like the way it adds to the look and in this case makes it edgy as well as fun!

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