Fashion is all about expressing oneself and being unique. Often, you can learn something about someone from his or her style. Some people stick to one certain flair, while others play around and experiment with different trends.

This Fashionista’s outfit shows how fun and playful she is. Her all-black outfit is a staple New York uniform, but she adds a pop of color with her pastel pink adidas jacket. As you can see she has a thing for the brand, her adidas jacket and shirt should showcase this. To carry her essentials, she uses her MCM clutch which is the perfect size to hold her phone and cards.

What makes this outfit unique is all the different textures and prints that pull the look together, like her gray knit beanie, her marble nails, velvet shoes and brand name pieces. She styles them over an all black outfit, which makes the look fun and not look like a costume. She carefully chooses smaller pieces to create a bigger picture.

How To: The key to creating this playful look is to choose your details carefully. Don’t pick a neon floral jacket to go over your favorite black and white striped shirt. Instead make sure your “background” consists of solid pieces; like a black shirt and black leggings. Then,  pick out your prints in smaller quantities rather than big bold pieces, like her clutch or her nails. The whole point of this look is to create playful vibes so don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures just do it in small portions!