Details, details, details. We all crave them, and they are necessary in the complete understanding of a story. Details are what hook us on reality TV; details are what make us stare at the Chuck Close painting long after the tour has moved on.

In the completion of anything, detail is extremely important in providing an understanding of the work in question. This is no different in fashion. While too much detail may overwhelm the people-watchers and force them to retreat back into the safety of their newly algorithmic Instagram feed, a bit of carefully implemented minutiae will very slyly give off the illusion you have it together. This is the gist of what our Fashionista is doing so very well.

Though often overlooked, the roots of a carefully curated, detail-based outfit are integral. Here, a simple top and pair of boyfriend jeans work as canvas to our Fashionista. Cool and comfortable, they will lend themselves to whatever medium she so chooses. A (vegan!) leather jacket provides a second pane of detail in its design—here, the brass talks take the form of a few silver zippers. It’s important to dress in layers for the ever-changing Minnesota weather, and with so many options on the market it is easy to find a chic or sultry or simply cozy jacket to suit your style.

The best thing about a statement necklace is that it can be thrown on as an afterthought before running out the door, yet it will appear a carefully implemented piece of the outfit as a whole. Similarly, colorful shoes are a marvelous way to add a little interest to a simple outfit. Piece by piece, our Fashionista gives us a glimpse into who she is by way of her trappings, topping it all off with a little lip gloss. Like. Literally. So cute.

How To: Start simple, and piece your look together as you go. Find accessories that reflect who you are, but know that your audience does not need to know everything. That’s where the memoirs will come in someday.