ALL IN THE DETAILS: Take the Edge Off

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Take the Edge Off

Syllabus week is officially over and its time to start off the school year! There have been many new trends that have recently aroused this past year, and it’s easy to add them into any style outfit you choose. Adding a bit more power to the look, this Fashionista topped this classy but edgy outfit off with a wraparound choker, of course, following the current trend.

The Fashionista pictured above looks sophisticated and fierce all in one. The neutral beige romper is classy and can be used as work attire in specific environments. All you have to do is put on a pair of dress heels and throw a blazer on and you are set! However, this Fashionista chose to go a fiercer route by adding a camouflage jacket with jewel embellishments on the front. I would say that the jacket is the main statement to the whole outfit; it really does an amazing job tying the whole outfit together. I think a fun tip to keep in mind is that camouflage can be a great touch to almost any neutral outfit. Camouflage jackets are also extremely popular and sold just about everywhere!

This Fashionista uses a black wedge heel as the base of the outfit. Using a dark colored shoe rather than a neutral one brings together the ensemble. One usually will match their shoes to the color closest to their feet. However, in this case, the Fashionista is using a solid black color bag and wearing a black choker, so the black shoes are really a great way to tie the whole outfit together.

Trying not to indulge in too many trends, she keeps it simple with basic rings, sunglasses and a handbag. None of these items stand out too much, are all very universal and add a nice touch to any outfit! She looks classy, edgy and beautiful…oh and will definitely turn heads!