Picking my go-to outfit is always tough for me. It truthfully depends on the day. There are days when I want to just wear my favorite T-shirt and a pair of jeans, and other days when I want to get all glammed up in a floral dress. My closet seems to have no limits, so why limit myself when choosing my outfits? Mixing all of my styles seems to be the easiest solution to this.

I spotted this Fashionista wearing an outfit that would have made my heart leap in my pre-teen years when I read my monthly issues of Teen Vogue religiously. The girls in the magazine always seemed so effortlessly cool while mixing patterns and materials that I thought were impossible to wear. While wearing a T-shirt with the classic MTV logo and a floral skirt, this Fashionista did just the same.

Thinking in basic fashion terms, you wouldn’t normally pair these to pieces together but the execution was perfect. The floral skirt brings out the flirty, girly side while the cut-off shirt adds a bit of an edge. For an additional level of pattern, a plaid shirt was added. With the weird weather during a Kansas summer, this is a practical choice while still looking adorable tied around the waist.

To finish of the look, today’s Fashionista wore a light tan pair of lace-up booties. These can take the outfit from day to night. They are easy to wear while walking during the day with the sturdy wedge and have the chicness of a night outfit.

How To: If you are hesitant to mix patterns, fear no more. To start off on a beginner’s level, find a skirt with a simple color scheme or pattern. Then add your favorite T-shirt. Don’t stress too much over the colors—that’s part of the fun.