ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweet, Sweet Simplicity

On the runways, on celebrities and all over the streets, people are seeing one thing: simple outfits made with simple fabrics. I am absolutely in love with this trend and it can be easily incorporated into anyone’s closet. To have a minimalist outfit, it is key to pick out pieces that are bold and statement worthy. They don’t have to be a bright, bold color. However, the more simplistic outfits have somewhat of a specific structure to them. Whether it is fine tailoring of a jacket or a form fitting skirt, the outfit is exuding a particular silhouette. Another important aspect of a minimalist outfit is to keep the amount of accessories small.

This Fashionista is a prime example of how to keep an outfit cute without wearing super flashy clothing. The clothes she is wearing are all staples that most girls have in their closets; it’s just a matter of how she styled them. She is wearing a striped T-shirt and brown jeans but the blazer is what makes the entire outfit. Its longer and oversized style is perfect for class or a day out shopping. The blazer is a simple and classic color that doesn’t distract from the overall look. To keep the rest of her outfit simple, this Fashionista is wearing a trendy pair of pink Reebok sneakers and a cute gold necklace.

How To: To keep any outfit simple, make sure to have one or two statement pieces but no more! Keep the number of layers and accessories to a minimum and you’re all set. Be sure to experiment with different items that convey a certain silhouette. Try out a pair of boyfriend jeans that give you a relaxed vibe and pair it with a simple T-shirt and you’re all set.