ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweet Suspender

April 28th, 2015 at 2:10am

Fashion is all about standing out. It’s about mixing pieces and patterns and donning styles that express who you are without having to say anything for yourself. Suspenders are the one trend that scream you’re quirky, fun and not afraid to step outside of the box. First invented for practical purposes, suspenders have evolved into a serious fashion statement. This Fashionista shows us the perfect way to dress up this menswear-inspired accessory, taking it outside of a banker’s office and onto the street style scene.

This uber cool Fashionista starts off her look with a white prep school V-neck sweater with black and white ribbed detailing around the neckline. It’s a simple sweater that serves as the perfect base from which she builds the rest of her look. And most importantly, she’ll stay warm during the colder spring days without having to cover up her entire outfit underneath a jacket—it’s fashionable and functional.

On top of her sweater, she wears her standout piece—a pair of black and white striped high-waisted suspender pants. The pants have so many awesome details that show off a lot different trends; she combines the nautical trend, as evident through the buttons on the front of the pants, with the menswear trend, which is seen through the suspender detailing and overall loose trouser shape of the pants. And, of course, anything high-waisted is super on-trend, no matter how you rock it.

The pants cut off directly above the ankle, allowing her final piece, a pair of black lace-up oxford shoes, to been seen.

She combines preppy pieces, nautical-style pieces and menswear-inspired pieces to create the perfect look for a day of classes. She’s not afraid to stand out and rocks the suspender trend in the most ideal way.

How To: Start with a simple base, which can be a classic T-shirt, a sweater or a button-up shirt. Throw on a pair of suspender pants, in whichever color you wish to wear. But make sure that the shirt you choose complements the pattern and style of the suspender pants. Stick to black and white, like this Fashionista, or choose a pair of bold suspender pants with a crisp white shirt underneath.