ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweet And Sporty

I spotted these matching Fashionistas on campus and was immediately drawn to their sporty yet classic look. Rocking black and white ensembles, the pair was the definition of sporty-chic.

My favorite parts of their outfits were the jackets and shoes. Leather and Converse are a match made in heaven, and these two Fashionistas know it. The jacket with the white stripes on the right give the look a bit of a varsity-esque feel, while the all-black leather jacket on the left is a more classic look. The jackets are practical, too. They’re the perfect layer for the slightly chilly early spring weather at Penn State.

The Converse add a casual vibe to each outfit, while still contributing the sporty feel each Fashionista is giving off. Converse are a staple shoe that will never go out of style. Paired with the rolled cuffs of each Fashionista’s denim, the shoes work perfectly with the looks. They’re casual, edgy and sporty. Like the jackets, Converse are super practical, too. They’re comfy but stylish and add edge to any look.

How To: Sporty-chic can be an intimidating look to emulate, but don’t worry, it’s not so hard to do! Grab a basic T-shirt, your favorite pair of jeans, some edgy sneakers and a leather jacket. Put them all together and you’re ready to rock a classic look. This look can still be rocked when the weather warms up—just swap out the jeans for shorts and the jacket for a varsity T-shirt.