ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sunshine Ready Hats

March 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

Syracuse weather has really been something else this winter. While we have had our share of (very) snowy days, for the most part it has been manageable. It was an extremely pleasant 70 degrees the day these photos were taken, and this Fashionista is perfectly embracing the weather with a stylish and functional accessory: a hat.

Because it’s been cold for the last few months, 95 percent of the hats worn on campus have been beanies. This Fashionista’s tan panama hat was very eye-catching! The unique style gives her outfit a kick of coolness but isn’t over the top or too fancy. Plus, the brim shades her face from the sunshine. Hats are something easy to throw on because you don’t even have to do your hair for the day—basically zero effort!

This Fashionista is also wearing a few other spring-ready accessories: sunglasses and light jewelry. Her pair of uber-chic tortoise-rimmed sunglasses match the color tones of her outfit, helping tie her look together. To top it off, she is sporting some pearl studs and an arrow necklace. She could have easily done without, and her outfit would have remained just as stylish. These details, however, show that she put in a little more thought. That’s the power of a few well-chosen pieces of jewelry!

All these spring-ready accessories complement the rest of her outfit—a RAD graphic T-shirt, dark wash jeans, a flannel and classic white sneakers (back at it again—no, let’s not). Tying the flannel around her waist instantly ups the power of the outfit. It gives a nice pop of pattern but doesn’t distract because it’s in the same color palette. Plus, it’s an easy way to stay practical—there is always a slight chance for chilliness, especially in Syracuse!

How To: Get ready for spring by putting the beanies away and busting out your other hats. A wide brim is very chic, but there are so many different styles so choose whatever you love best! Break out your sunglasses as well. The rounder your face, the squarer your sunglasses should be, and vice versa.