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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Summer Sweaters

May 24th, 2016 at 2:05am

The first signs of summer float in like a breeze from the coast. We marvel at how fast the blades of grass pop out of the ground and we bask in the glow of the cloudless sunshine. The sun rays hit our face and shoulders for what seems like the first time in months and our fingers reach out to the sounds of the chirping that come from the new leaves on the trees.

With the change of weather patterns comes a complete change of wardrobe. College students bring their winter clothes home and replace them with shorts and sundresses. Coats and boots become a distant memory as sandals and denim shorts find their way around campus. While it is usually normal to stash sweaters away with the rest of the winter clothes, step outside of your comfort zone and keep one around for the rest of the school year. Embrace the unusual and start wearing your favorite one around campus. Who says sweaters cannot be worn in summer weather?

Start your summer sweater combination by picking a material that is not too thick. Style can look good and be comfortable, so leave the itchy winter sweater at home. Look for a light sweater made out of cotton. It will help to prevent you from becoming too hot throughout the day, and it looks great with jean pants and jean shorts. This Fashionista uses her see-through sweater to show off her crop top. The fragility of the pink lace contrasts perfectly with the harsh black that peeks out from underneath. She finishes the outfit with a gold necklace and a pair of distressed jeans. Though it may feel weird to pair so many seasons into one outfit, you will feel like a fashion icon when you step outside.

How To: Curious about how to dress like this Fashionista? Pair this black pullover sweater with a pair of classic high-waisted jean shorts. Complete the outfit with a pair of long strappy gladiator sandals. Need an extra dosage of summer glam? Add a black sun hat and a pair of black sunglasses. Break a couple style rules and see what it feels like to be a daring trendsetter.