Stripes and joggers and boat shoes, oh my! It’s been a smothering summer day here in New Paltz, but true fashion lovers are stopping the heat cold with cool fashion.

Along with his gorgeous dreadlocks, this Fashionisto’s outfit took center stage when I saw him. He wore a brightly striped polo shirt, a pair of rolled-up denim joggers, multicolored boat shoes and a happy smile.

The shirt’s small stripes appealed to me because I’m a sucker for doses of bold and bright colors. Stripes have been used for hundreds of years in everything from food to hazard signs. Blue, white and red stripes allude to nautical themes while greens, pinks and oranges are reminiscent of candy. Stripes also inherently attract people’s attention, so what better way to be walking down a runway than in stripes?

The navy blue of his shirt acted as a cool background for the colorful stripes while the denim joggers continued the outfit’s casualness. The joggers’ material was light and airy yet still comfortable. Lastly, the boat shoes provided an effortless end to his ensemble.

How To: I don’t know about you, but stripes sound pretty great now. In order to replicate this look, invest in a nice polo shirt. Not only are polo shirts great wardrobe staples, they’re also a cinch for casual Friday or business casual events. Next, find a pair of comfortable joggers. These pants come in a variety of materials, so don’t feel pigeon-holed. Finally, finish strong with a versatile pair of shoes such as espadrilles or loafers. Have fun with stripes!