ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stop and Smell the Roses

This time of the year is when many individuals start to experience the winter blues; instead of letting the cold weather get her down, this Fashionista is embracing the winter blues by wearing head-to-toe denim! I love denim because it is a heavy fabric that helps keep you warm during the winter and it is super stylish. Denim is a trend that will never go out of style, so don’t be afraid to add some more denim into your closet.

One of the biggest trends I’ve been noticing as we enter 2017 is rose detailing. I have seen it on everything from dresses to tops to jeans and even bags. The most eye-catching part of this outfit is the rose-detailed denim jacket. It is perfect if you are in a rush but still want to look good because this jacket can easily be paired with a basic T-shirt and jeans. I love the embroidery on this jacket and how you can see it from both the front and the back. She continued the rose trend by accessorizing with a rose cuff bracelet. I think cuff bracelets are so cute and an easy way to add flare to any outfit. The bracelet ties together the rose theme without being an overkill of roses. Her bag is a great find and the perfect option for someone who is constantly carrying a ton of things but still wants to look stylish. The fringe on the sides helps to give this look a more edgy feel.

Every outfit should have one statement piece. A statement piece is a part of your outfit that stands out from the rest. In this case, it is the beautiful denim jacket with rose detailing. To keep eyes concentrated on the rose details in the jacket, you need to minimize the other pieces and make sure they are simple and classic. By doing this, you are letting the little detail take main stage and be the focus of the outfit!