ALL IN THE DETAILS: Statement Rain Jacket

This Fashionisto stands out, rain or shine. His signature look is classic and clean-cut but always with a touch of quirky personal style. I spotted this stylish guy on an unexpectedly chilly and rainy day in Atlanta, and his outfit was fashionable and practical.

The statement piece of this Fashionisto’s outfit is his burnt orange rain jacket. The jacket is bold and industrial with four windowed pockets and has a convenient hood. The double lining and button-less front is unique and looks sleek.

He incorporates color in this look, and he pairs the striking orange well with an understated, muted plum sweater. After a second look, I realize that the pullover also has special details in the exposed seams and elbow outlining in darker purple.

His khaki pants and desert boots finish off the look. His khakis are slim and well fitted with the jacket falling perfectly on his hips. The leather boots are just worn enough to appear casual, easy and are practical for the rainy weather.

The rugged boots and almost Home Depot-like jacket are complimented by his well-trimmed beard and mustache. Facial hair is definitely en vogue right now for young men, and this Fashionisto looks effortlessly scruffy and handsome.

The great thing about men’s fashion is that it can make a statement without being overly showy. The careful complementary color choices and understated detailing of this Fashionisto’s outfit make him look down to earth and put together simultaneously.

How To: Instead of going with neutral colors for outwear, opt for a statement color like orange, green or red and pair with complementary colors and neutrals.