ALL IN THE DETAILS: Starfish Studs

March 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Well, campus is pretty empty at this time of year. Like every other school, spring break is the time where students get to take a much needed vacation from classes. While most people are fortunate enough to escape to some sort of tropical resort, some of us not so lucky ones are forced to stay here. Ah, the life of a spring athlete. With few people on campus, dressing up might seem like a chore, but sometimes it is just what you need in order to bring some fun back into your week.

This Fashionista pairs a light white sweater with maroon colored jeans. She wears gray socks with her short tan boots and keeps out that spring chill with a maroon and white patterned scarf. But what really caught my attention was her starfish earrings. This Fashionista brings the fun of the beach right here to New Haven, something that you must figure out how to do especially when you see via Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram how much fun your friends are having partying on the beach without you. By choosing to use this Spring Break feel in your wardrobe, it helps to bring that fun, beachy vibe to a practically deserted campus. It adds a nice stylistic touch, without being too overbearing. Here are a pair of earrings similar to those of this Fashionista, a fun beach themed necklace and bracelet.

How To: Stuck on campus for Spring Break but feel the need to remind yourself what it means to be on vacation? Well, adding some beach-inspired jewelry may help to bring a little sun into your life.