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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Staples That Scream Bold

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Staples That Scream Bold

As the winter season brings in frigid weather, us Fashionistas cringe at the thought of having less fashion forward outfits due to bundling up. But for this new year, making bold statements are the new norm, and just because it is a little chilly does not mean our wardrobes have to suffer. My New Year’s resolution has been to appreciate the little things, sometimes referring to leaps of courage when it comes to less conventional fashion items. But “bold” does not have to be scary. It is what every Fashionista’s closet should be embracing.

The start to any bold outfit is the top, and a black turtleneck says simplicity and serves as the perfect base for the rest of the outfit. Jeans can be redundant, especially in the colder months, a denim skirt (my new go-to item) spices up any outfit. This Fashionista is wearing a denim skirt that sports some frays on the hem which instantly give the outfit a laid-back vibe. Now that you have got the basics, it’s time for some accessorizing.

This Fashionista’s nude fur jacket not only gives her major glam vibes, but it also keeps her warm all while staying fashionable. To add to the skirt, a pair of semi sheer tights adds extra warmth as well as a finish to the contrasting colors presented.

Black booties have been all the rave this past year, and 2017 keeps bowing down to these bad boys. They complete the outfit without overpowering the other pieces, and they add some extra spunk. A vintage belt, or any belt with buckles, pulls this Fashionista’s outfit together while giving her an extra accessory to play with.

And last but not least, statement earrings. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, fringe earrings scream “Look at Me,” all while being subtle and alluring—I know, aren’t they fabulous! So the next time you reach for that raggedy jacket, remind yourself that bold is the new normal, and any Fashionista can rock it.