ALL IN THE DETAILS: Springtime Green and Gold

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Springtime Green and Gold

Early springtime, a time of new things and blossoming colors. It is when flowers are barely starting to bloom despite remnants of winter gray skies. And while many, including myself, choose to stay in the winter colors, there was one Fashionista walking around campus who really caught my eye. Why? Because of her amazing emerald cardigan. She was an immediate spot. It was such a bright green that really contrasted with the rainy day clouds.

The green of the cardigan really complemented her gorgeous red hair and pale complexion. It was just stunning. The cardigan was long so it really made her look taller. Long cardigans are really a short girl’s solution to looking leaner and longer. When I came closer to ask her if she would like to be written about, I noticed her shoes and her jewelry. I am a fool for a good pair of booties, so I raved about her boots when I saw them up close. They were the perfect ankle length, black velvet boots. They had a little bow on the side of them for an extra little detail to spice up the classic black boot look and give it a feminine touch. The heel height was exactly what she needed and she told me they were quite comfortable as well. Any college girl dreams about a cute pair of heeled boots that are comfortable enough to wear around campus.

But onto the smaller details of her springtime look, her jewelry. She did not wear much except an emerald and gold pendant necklace and a small gold watch. The necklace matched perfectly with the cardigan and against her pale skin it really shone as a centerpiece. The watch was the balance of practical and feminine. The jewelry and the shoes were what really stood out to me when I looked at her look collectively.

This Fashionista’s look worked and stood out to me because it was practical yet feminine. It was a great expression of her favorite color, green. And it made her feel good which is all we can hope for when we get dressed in the morning. She looked as beautiful as the flowers that are just starting to bloom.