ALL IN THE DETAILS: Springing Fashion-Forward

Spring is slowly entering our lives with anticipated concert announcements, budding flowers, and a slew of covetable fall trends from the runways of Paris Fashion Week (Chanel rocket bags, anyone?). However, as this new season emerges, so does a tirade of unpredictable weather before the sunny calm of April. As such, Fashionista/os from across the nation must adapt their spring wardrobes accordingly to make a fashion-forward (but practical) leap into March, which is exactly what this Fashionista has accomplished with her detailed outfit.

The swiftly changing weather makes it tough to know exactly what to wear, if only to ensure you aren’t going back to your dorm or off-campus apartment multiple times for a heavier jacket or a lighter coat. On that note, this Fashionista has conquered the combined sunny and windy weather with a white turtleneck top. The long sleeves and neckline will ensure she’s not cold while moving between classes, while the piece’s light material makes it more breathable as opposed to a thicker turtleneck sweater (which could also work in this ensemble for a cozier look). The color of the top also reflects the sun’s rays off of her instead of drawing the light towards her and making her feel overheated.

The thicker tweed skirt she has paired the top with has a great palette of red, black, and silver, which pairs well with the stark neutrality of the turtleneck. The slightly darker silver buttons on the skirt give it an additional eye-catching detail and a slightly preppy element. The thicker material also keeps her warm while adding texture to the outfit. Her brown boots are also practical and stylish, adding a faint equestrian look to the ensemble while being able to face most weather conditions. Additionally, they add detail to the look with their straps and multiple buckles, which pair well with the skirt’s buttons.

Accessory wise, the Fashionista has nailed it. The gold on her pendant necklace and dainty bow earrings correlate nicely, and ultimately make the look more feminine and preppy. The necklace pendant’s crystals add an attention-grabbing statement piece to the look while not being too flashy, and its singularity makes it easy to untangle if it’s blown around by the wind (which is unlikely, but it happens to the best of us). The stud earrings are stylish and practical, as they won’t move around in the wind (like a pair of longer earrings would) and their bow shape gives some daintiness to the outfit.

This detailed outfit is worth repeating. Its details all work well with each other and don’t overpower any particular aspect of the look. The skirt adds texture, patterns and embellishments that pair well with the lighter turtleneck. The boots add another neutral element that pairs nicely with the skirt and the additional details in her outfit. The jewelry tops it all off with a girly sheen, and the gold adds a charming accent to the entire look. This is also practical for low temperatures with nice conditions. Depending on the weather, it can pair well with a nice neutral overcoat or belted trench and still look as good as it does without.