May 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

With Coachella and the beginning of festival season recently making its debut, Fashionistas across the country are catching spring fever as they pull out their festival style clothes. This Fashionista showcased spring vibes as well, not wasting a moment of the beautiful weather to make a fashion statement. Busting out the wardrobe staples and accessories we so often associate with spring and summer (crop tops, floppy hats and gladiator sandals), she has her eye on warm weather and summer break just a few weeks away.

Part of what makes this look so compelling is the juxtaposition of the two main pieces. The short length of the crop top is a stark contrast to the flowing white skirt she has paired with it. This Fashionista also makes several separate pieces work because she used all neutrals and let the deep purple of the crop top do the talking. The lacy detailing on the crop top  and layers on the skirt give it a boho vibe, perfect for festival going or a springtime picnic. While this look is assembled for a warm sunny day, a jean jacket or cardigan could easily be layered over it when the clouds roll in.

Spring is known for items such as crop tops and lightweight skirts, but the key players in this look are actually the accessories. Without them, there would be no “oomph.” Because the large, chocolate brown hat is the focal point, smaller beads on the necklace and simple ruffles on the shoes kept it from being too cluttered.

How To: When the sun comes out to play, grab a wide-brimmed sun hat to keep its rays off of your face, and add a pair of shades to the mix if you so please. A long, layered necklace contrasts with the short length of the crop top to create a balanced look.