ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Simplicity

Despite the snow consistently melting, white is sticking around for spring. As colors blossom in nature, fashion has the option of following suit or reverting back to basics, and many designers (including Louis Vuitton and Chanel) are choosing the latter.

This works all too well in favor of the time-pressed student. Basic colored shirts are easy to mix and match, allowing for a clean and crisp look without excess planning. This holds especially true for stark white, a trend that has persevered for many consecutive seasons and continues to hold relevance on catwalks and campuses.

White can be approached in a variety of ways, from cute and flirty eyelets to stern industrialism. This Fashionista takes the middle road with a loose and lacy white blouse. It has enough structure to look professional but not so much that it takes away its breezy quality. Matched with a classic pair of blue jeans, this outfit proves that simplicity can be the best option.

However, white definitely works with some added sparkle. This Fashionista wore a simple initialed necklace and stacked bracelets to add a personalized hint of glamour to the outfit. She also added color to the look through a fun teal nail polish, while her leather jacket polished any loose edges.

She demonstrates just one of a thousand ways to rock white in spring. You can take it in a more professional direction with a structured button-down, or make it more free-spirited with a loose and flowing dress. It can also be incorporated through accessories, like this H&M bag or white Converse. Even a simple white T-shirt looks fresh in the springtime, if it fits well; match it with boyfriend jeans and your favorite canvas sneakers.

How To: White is a color of simplicity, so keep that in mind as you plan your outfit. Simple jewelry, classic denim and a fresh face and hair all look great with white articles of clothing. If you feel the need to add some drama, do so with a colored statement necklace. Then, tie the whole look together with a sharp leather jacket or blazer.