ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring into Action

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring into Action

The snow has finally melted and the flowers are blooming! What does this mean, my fellow Fashionistas? Spring is finally here! If you are like me and spring is your favorite season, then you are very excited! No more heavy jackets, no more winter boots, and no more below freezing temperatures! Some of my favorite parts about spring is the way that campus lights up because the trees have fresh, green leaves on them, students are sitting out on The Oval hanging out, and the smell of blooming flowers that fills the air. The winter blues are finally gone and the semester is almost over!

Unfortunately, finals are near but summer is just around the corner and there is no reason to not dress up a little for class to keep up our energy. When I need a break from studying, I have found that a day trip somewhere with my girlfriends is the best way to relieve some stress. I spotted this Fashionista walking out of her sorority house on her way to the North Market for a day of fun and not thinking about final exams. When asked what inspired her outfit, she said that she loves boho prints paired with edgy accessories.

On this beautiful spring day, this Fashionista wore a patterned button-down dress with her favorite light jean jacket, black leather slip-on shoes. She paired it with Alex and Ani bracelets and a black wire choker.

A patterned dress is a great dress to wear during the spring while wearing a light jacket or sweater. It can easily be transitioned in the summer by pairing it with sandals and your favorite sunglasses.

I promise you this Fashionistas, the semester is almost done! Take advantage of the nice weather that spring brings us and go outside to study and get a head start on your tan at the same time! Dress for success and walk into your exams with your head high while wearing your favorite outfit!