Over here in Ohio, we are having a very slow transition into the new season, and believe me, the spring fever is real. To deal with the restlessness, this Fashionista decided to pair a few spring necessities with her winter go-tos. Due to our bundled up class looks during the week, this Fashionista brought us her best casual Sunday ensemble. The key elements to point out are the graphic T-shirt, delicate jewelry, and outerwear. When it comes to adding a hint of spring, the graphic T-shirt does the trick. A cute message like “ciao” can surprisingly add a lot to an outfit and even work as the main piece.

If you are anything like me and are constantly watching and working the trends, you will know that statement earrings are a must-have. Basically a minimal amount of large pieces, but the flipside of that, a large amount of minimal pieces, is also working its way into becoming a large part of spring fashion. This is the perfect dainty earring to work into your look. Although don’t just keep it to earrings; play with layering small chains to add an extra element to your look.

While the graphic T-shirt and earrings work their magic on bringing spring into the mix, we still have to take into account the winter weather. Our Fashionista went comfortable but chic on her outerwear. The color also played an important part. It was smart to keep her duster in the realm of grays because it allowed the attention to be put on the graphic T-shirt. Working on finding a perfect coat for casual Sundays can be a challenge. This coat is a perfect example of what to look for when searching.

Keep these suggestions in mind as your spring fever thickens and once the spring finally decides to move back in, whip off your outwear and you’ll have the perfect start of the season look.