March 6th, 2017 at 2:00am

Welcome back to another installment of CF. I do not know what it’s like where you all go to school, but down in southwest Ohio, it has been the opposite of predictable. It goes from 70 to 45 to snowing to raining to I don’t even know what is falling from the sky. This time of year is so difficult to dress in because of the rapidly changing weather. What on earth are we supposed to wear during a time like this? Well, my lovely and stylish friends, I am here to offer my advice on the matter. The trick is layers! Layers are the best for a variety of reasons: they make you look super put together (even if you are the opposite), and they are the best for that awkward in between weather because you can just slip them on and off! So, to help on the matter of how exactly to layer for spring, I have some examples from this oh-so-stylish Fashionista.

On this day, in particular, it was a little bit warmer, hence the dress and bare legs. If it is colder, by all means, slip on some tights and even a jacket over the sweater—adapt according to the day! This Fashionista has on an adorable floral print dress perfect for the season. Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it—The Devil Wears Prada is my favorite movie!) But in all seriousness, florals are the best way to get over those mushy winter blues and step into the spring season. This one is perfect for these months because it consists of some darker colors. She played up the auburn-brown color in the dress perfectly with the sweater. This is a super easy way to still wear your favorite oversize sweaters while incorporating some spring into your wardrobe. She paired her sweater and dress combo with muted, but still awesome, accessories, including these adorable brown ankle boots (the biggest in between weather staple if you ask me) and a pretty choker that matches the color scheme of her outfit.

Hope you all are having more consistent weather than I am, and if you’re not, you might as well take advantage of the confusion and look great anyways! Can’t wait to talk again next month! Hopefully, it’ll be all sunshine at that point!