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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sporty School Spirit

May 13th, 2015 at 2:05am

I am often inspired by how people dress on my college campus. More specifically, I am drawn towards small details like the statement that a perfectly structured bag makes against an all-black outfit, the crisp and sturdy shoulders found on leather jackets and the simplicity of a plain black leather bootie. Not only am I inspired by these details, but I also love finding style that is simple yet manages to look elegantly put together. Even in the pouring Seattle rain, this Fashionista manages to nail the effortless cool-girl chic look that I constantly admire. Not only does she have a perfectly effortless all-black ensemble, but she also manages to make a baseball cap with our school logo look chic. I love that.

This Fashionista’s look was right up my alley. Simple pieces, like her loose T-shirt and black skinny jeans are two staples every girl should own. The same goes for a killer leather jacket like the one she models. I love the structure and texture of her jacket; this one is just oversized enough to the point where it doesn’t look too big. She focuses on key details like finding the perfect everyday back structured bag to get her to and from class in style, and I adore her black leather booties, which you can wear with just about anything. Last but not least, she even manages to sport some school spirit with a simple baseball cap! Her outfit exudes sporty-chic in a way that is cool and down-to-earth. This Fashionista proves that an outfit can be all about the details, while still being muted and laid back. Although her accessories are simple and all-black, they still make a statement.

How To: For this look, stick to a monochromatic color palette (this look works especially well with black or navy), and choose to focus on structured and simple accessories in similar, if not the same, color. Add a sporty accessory, like a baseball cap, or you could even try one in a fun texture like leather. Don’t forget to add an oversized leather jacket to complete the look and to head to class in style.