ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spiffy Scarves

Want to know an easy and cheap way to make your outfit stand out? Of course you do! Scarves are not just for cold weather, but they are rather a fashion statement that can be worn year-round. Why? Scarves are multi-faceted, colorful and efficient. They can be tied around your waist, draped over your shoulders or layered around your neck. You deserve to give yourself a sexy waistline just as much as you are entitled to a warm and toasty neck. To give an example, if you have a solid-colored dress with little shape, you can spice it up with a polka-dot scarf that cinches around your waist. On the flip side, you can match a lightweight scarf with a form-fitting dress. Do a Google search to discover all the amazing ways you can manipulate this accessory. There is no right or wrong way to wear this trend!

As far as color, there is no shortage in patterns and solids available. You can often see me wearing the following combinations: a purple scarf with a gray shirt, a black and silver metallic scarf with a solid-colored T-shirt or a cream scarf combined with a light blue shirt. I like to make my accessories pop against my chosen background, and so does this Fashionista. She layered a gray and white scarf over a black fleece jacket. Why should we blend in when we can turn heads?

Last but not least, I love the efficiency of this accessory. As a college student, time is most certainly not of the essence. Scarves are so easy to put on and take off, but necklaces can be such a pain to latch. They are also heavy. Some of them weigh in at two to three pounds! I don’t need something like that weighing down my outfit. I have enough to carry between my purse and my backpack.

How To: Go to the mall, and shop until you drop. You don’t need to visit a high end department store or some designer boutique. There are plenty of retail stores that sell scarves at cheap and affordable prices, such as Target or T.J.Maxx. You can experiment once you buy one.