For some, comfort prevails over all else, while others would do anything for the sake of fashion. This spring, soft pants are bigger than ever and are a function for both types of Fashionistas. It’s a comfortable and effortless trend that is also ultra stylish. They are great for us college Fashionistas as we study, go to class and run around the city in the springtime. They are light, comfortable but also make a statement. The best part is they vary in style, length, cut, color and pattern to work with whatever style preference you have.

This Fashionista is wearing a perfect pair of soft pants because of the subtle color and pattern. Here is a similar pair with an aztec print and a basic color scheme that allows you to mix and match with other pieces from your wardrobe. Here is another option in a darker print, or here’s a basic pair with a gathered ankle. She paired her Aztec print pants with a loosely fitted sweater and multi-strapped sandals to make for a casual, boho-inspired look. The nude, wide brimmed hat adds a touch of spring and glamour to the outfit. To accessorize, she paired chunky rings and a watch, creating an effortlessly chic outfit. Her basic makeup with a swipe of blush, bold brows and mascara keep the look simple and work with the tousled hair, embodying a free spirit attitude.

How To: Try an Aztec patterned pant, a chunky knit and a hat like this Fashionista’s for a bohemian look. For a more sophisticated look, pair a blouse and a simple pair of soft pants with a gathered ankle, which will create a business casual outfit. Or for a dressed up evening look, you can pair graphic soft pants with heels and a leather jacket. Both easy and stylish, this is the perfect trend for spring.