January 27th, 2017 at 2:00am

A soft, oversized vintage T-shirt is a staple item for everyone lately, no matter your gender. Throw on some distressed denim and classic sneaks and you’ve got yourself a simple, yet stylish outfit.

This Fashionisto followed this recipe for a great outfit that is suitable for occasions from classes to a night out. His vintage T-shirt is thrifted, meaning any college student can easily find one at a local Goodwill and mimic this outfit. If your local Goodwill proves useless, you can pick one up at Urban Outfitters. Distressed jeans and some sleek sneaks (if you can swing it, try those Commes des Garçons converse) complete the outfit. This Fashionisto took this look to a whole new level by adding a pop of color with his striped socks.

January is a bit nippy, so this Fashionisto threw on a light jacket to keep warm. A jacket with neutral colors will allow your T-shirt to take center stage and pull the outfit together so that you still look cool rushing from class to class. If you’re inclined, try a pop of color instead of the socks (or in addition to) to add even more to this outfit. This blush Adidas bomber is extremely trendy right now, and it can be used with any outfit to make it pop.

Vintage T-shirts are a must-have lately for everyone. They’re comfortable, stylish, and require little to no effort to create a great outfit. With that being said, it can be hard to stand out when everyone is wearing them. Take note of this Fashionisto’s ability to add a bit more to this trend by wearing some great socks.