October 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

I’ve never been able to get behind the whole pastel shorts trend that I see on a daily—no, hourly—basis here on campus. Probably because it’s a staple associated with the all too prevalent, basic frat boy stereotype. I love this Fashionisto’s unique twist on it though. Once a pair of lovely lavender skinny jeans, they have since been hacked away at the knee to accommodate the summer heat (at the time). That DIY element in addition to the single cuffed pant leg sure does make for an interesting take on pastel shorts. I love the texture on them as well; what can I say, I’m a sucker for a good pair of corduroys.

I also very much respect this Fashonisto’s use of color in his outfit. Probably realizing the loudness of his shorts’ color, he chose varying shades of gray in his other articles of clothing, with the exception of his socks. The richer, more somber purple with a hint of bright red peeking out of his very cool, very vintage-style boots helps create a more balanced color palette throughout his outfit. His solid black gauges give him an edgy vibe, and not to mention the single cross earring in his right ear parallels the asymmetry of his single cuffed pant leg! One can only wonder at this strange occurrence; was this an exercise in incredibly subtle stylistic precision or merely a coincidence, fashion meant to be?

With layered shirts, a comfy beanie and sturdy boots, you can see this Fashionisto is gradually making the transition from summer to fall through his clothing. A smart move, especially if you can manage to creatively utilize both summer and fall clothing rather than buying new clothes for the season!

Besides making great economical decisions when it comes to style, this Fashionisto also acquires some of his clothing from ethically conscious and philanthropic fashion companies. The shirt he is wearing is made by the local Athens brand umano (specifically uncapitalized), a fashion company dedicated to empowering kids to developing their creativity. umano accomplishes this mission by having kids draw the artwork on their products, and with each product they sell, they give a backpack full of school supplies to a kid! How awesome is it to be able to participate in a social philanthropy just by being a consumer?

Even though fashion can be an incredibly fun medium for self-expression and art, it’s still important to keep in mind the social and environmental consequences of the industry. I think it’s also important to realize fashion can be a very accessible platform to make social change in the world.