April 21st, 2015 at 2:10am

It is pretty universally known that a shortcut to a no-error outfit is to keep it simple and have only one statement item. This is one of the fundamentals to fashion (or everything in life, really). On top of that, we try to take risks and make looks that represent who we are as individual people and showcase our own personality. Much of the inspiration comes from recent trends. It is always helpful to be in touch with what is “in” at the moment and what all the “it” girls are wearing. And if you haven’t noticed yet, let me tell you, the item right now is a pair of Nike shoes—Colorful Nike shoes.

As I saw this Fashionista walk into my Psychology class, I internally “oooooh-ed” and complimented her outfit in my mind and later, of course, in person. She kept the look very classic, with the timeless moto jacket, a cropped white T-shirt and the black leggings. She kept it neutral with a brown purse. She even wore no excessive jewelry, sticking with a pair of classy, sparkly studs. The shoes, however, was where she took a chance with her look. Instead of a common sense pair of combat boots or black flats, she went with a pair of bright blue Nike shoes with green accents and pink laces. This risk really paid off, as it added personality and showed off her insight into fashion.

How To: To incorporate a statement pair of Nike shoes into an everyday outfit without looking too sporty, keep the rest of the outfit neutral and simple. A pair of leather pants and a graphic T-shirt would also go nicely with the colorful sneakers.