ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sneaker Game Strong

April 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Recently, I have been doing really well with saving money. Every now and then, I succumb to my urge to buy a cool pair of shoes for summer. The recent transition to the spring inspired me to explore new, unique patterns. I found that I was lacking in the “cool sneaker department” and decided that was my next mission. I asked myself, “What Fashionista/o on campus has the strongest shoe game?” Well, I came across this Fashionisto who put my shoe game to shame.

Believe it or not, guys have a shoe obsession just as much as girls do. It’s interesting. This Fashionsto has a good eye for a statement shoe. The sneakers he wore are the more creative version of the classic Air Force 1 sneakers. In addition to the cool sneakers, he was sporting a nice watch and two hoop earrings. The gold in these accessories matched the gold in his sneakers. The Nike backpack gave the look a more athletic personality.

It’s obvious that this guy has an effortless sense of style. The start of his outfit was a polka-dot denim shirt. Although it was a long sleeve shirt, it gave him breathing room for a breeze in the warm weather. Denim shirts look great on top of a darker shade of denim jeans, but this Fashionisto decided on a pair of olive cargo pants. The skinny fit made the look consistent with the athletic style, which made sense because of his choice of shoe.

How To: Fashionistas, you can wear a polka-dot top with a pair of metallic sandals for the spring season. Colors like coral and teal would be an awesome match for a pair of metallic Birkenstock sandals. Fashionistos can experiment with different patterns like floral or paisley. Pairing that with a pair of neon or metallic sneakers would make a RAD outfit.