ALL IN THE DETAILS: Slouchy Beanies

Any Fashionista/o knows that spring cleaning means packing up winter pieces and moving in the spring and summer attire. This can be exhausting but adding chic, versatile pieces such as a slouchy beanie to one’s closet can make the process much easier.

A slouchy beanie hat is the perfect accessory for any Fashionista/o this season. As the harsh cold temperatures are finally dropping and the warm breezes are slowly drifting in, a slouchy beanie is functional and easy to pair with thick and thin layers.

This Fashionista sports a spring look, adding small touches to a rather simple and stylish outfit. She combines thin layers such as a white T-shirt beneath a chambray button-up and a pair of dark jeans rolled up at the ankle. The Fashionista adds her own personal touch with a colorful emerald, gray and maroon knitted slouchy beanie with a pom-pom. No matter what season it is, this beanie is versatile and works with any outfit. Here is a simple but trendy solid gray beanie, a chunky cable knit one and a faux fur hat.

Finally, the Fashionista completes her look with a pair of brown leather double-buckle sandals, a long necklace and a few simple pieces of arm candy.

How To: Want to wear a bold outfit without emphasizing the beanie? A lightweight solid color is the solution! Pair a slouchy beanie without a pom-pom for a simpler effect. Neutral colors will also keep the attention on your outfit while adding a unique and trendy touch.