ALL IN THE DETAILS: Skirts All Year Round

March 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am

As we continue on through winter, daydreaming of spring and summer weather has become a daily occurrence. Tanned skin, jean shorts, and flowing skirts are definitely lacking at the moment. However, this Fashionista doesn’t let the formidable weather stop her from making a statement.

Who would have ever thought to wear a sheer skirt in February? Definitely not me! Thick leggings under a detailed sheer skirt will definitely be a wardrobe staple after seeing this look. Sometimes when trying to stay warm, we make ourselves look bulky with lots of layers. The sheer element of this long skirt allows her to show off her figure in style and warmth, while the embroidery along the bottom breaks up all of the black.

A turtleneck sweater has proven to be a timeless piece and goes perfectly with this Fashionista’s unique and trend-inspiring look. A long, eye-catching statement necklace adds a pop of shine to the matte colors of her outfit and surroundings. Despite the snow, she braved the streets with these heeled olive booties, which did surprisingly well due to the thick rubber sole. With attention to detail she has successfully mixed textures and colors to create a soft, almost bohemian outfit.

From perfectly cuffed sleeves, a peek of sock, and just the right amount of jewelry, this Fashionista definitely knows that details can make or break an outfit. She has shown us how to step out of the box when it comes to fashion and that clothes don’t have to be designated for just one or two seasons. Add a few key summer pieces to your current wardrobe, and it just might be a new trend.