March 24th, 2016 at 2:10am

This may sound like an absurd comparison, but fashion trends are like a joke. Now hear me out for a minute. A joke is only funny until someone decides to take it too far (we’ve all been in that uncomfortable situation). Trends are quite similar in that they only remain fashionable until they have reached such an obnoxious point that no one wants to partake in them anymore and are left to be marked down on clearance. Once that garment is no longer desired, a new trend will emerge in opposition to the no longer desired garment.

This ebb and flow of fashion has been seen most recently through the use of scarves. I know the winter has been brutal but does that really justify a scarf that doubles as a blanket? Because we have reached a point where scarves cannot get possibly any bigger, the trend digresses and from that emerges a new trend. Lo and behold, the skinny scarf.

Giving a bit of ’70s feels, the skinny scarf is a style detail that has made its way back into fashion. Paired with a simple black henley and plaid trousers, this Fashionista’s outfit is the epitome of understated coolness. The printed trousers break up the all-black outfit, while keeping the monochromatic look. Wearing a jacket, like the faux shearling one our Fashionista is donning, plays along with the updated ’70s look and even provides a bit of warmth for those chilly mornings. Touches of femininity was given through minimalistic rings and a silver necklace. Lastly, polished black boots with silver side buckles completed the look, making head to toe perfection.

Sometimes less is more. In the case of the skinny scarf, style is added in a new, fresh way that has not been seen in quite sometime.

How To: Step out of the literal comfort zone your blanket scarf has been giving you all season and try pairing an outfit with a skinny scarf. Skinny scarves are the best way to add a little something to any outfit.