May 19th, 2015 at 2:10am

I know what you’re thinking; you just finished your last exam, and the weather is nice. It’s finally summer, and now you can finally sleep, right? Well, think again. If you live in the dorms it means moving out. You wonder how you got all of this stuff into your tiny room. To make your life easy, use your skateboard as a dolly to haul your bulky boxes to the car.

Skater-chic is a trend that dives to any style—grunge, boho, preppy, dressy. As long as you have a board with you and you can skate, you are a skater. Whether you ride skateboards, long boards or penny boards, this fad works for everything. Haven’t tried it yet? Check out this Fashionisto’s technique, and you will want to.

This Fashionisto is a master of skater-chic. He has tackled the complementary colors to give his look cohesiveness. He starts with a loose-fitted salmon button-down that matches the color of the bright pink trucks on his board. His khaki shorts not only complement his salmon shirt but also match his skate wheels and rad Oakley sunglasses. Finally, he tops it off with a Gravity skater cap and dark navy blue DC skate shoes, giving his look dark colors on top and the bottom.

How To: Wanting to try out the skater look completely? Put on a loose button-down shirt, and pair it with some shorts that complement your shirt. Then have a cool cap matching your skater shoes to pull the outfit together. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to have a board with you.