So back in 2002 when Avril Lavigne sang “He was a punk” and  “She did ballet”, I was so down with that because c’mon I was 7 and loved everything pink. However, now I am all about that punk look her “sk8ter boi” was rocking back then. I mean, I still like pink and think ballet is nice, but this year is all about edginess and being bold.  My personal favorite, and probably the simplest, way to pull off the skater look? Sneakers!

Sneakers were, and still are, huge this season! Whether its the slip-on trend, Converse or the healed sneaker, this look is everywhere. Some favorites of mine include pairing a classic athletic sneaker with your favorite black skinny jeans and overcoat for class, or maybe a sneaker with a little more glam for going out with friends, like this leather quilted high-top.  No matter what piques your interest, there’s a sneaker out there for you. Sneakers are a subtle way to add some edge to your outfit, and give you that skater feel. So don’t say “See ya later, boy,” say what’s up to this rockin’ trend and to totally being punk this season!

This Fashionista is skater-chic in this dark hued ensemble. Her high-top sneakers add the perfect touch to her look, as they tie together the black and white in her jacket and shirt. She looks edgy yet still feminine from the skinny jeans and flattering high-low length of her T-shirt. All in all, she did the punk look justice, and her sneakers are the icing on the cake to her overall skater girl demeanor.

How To: Want to be a punk rock star worthy of Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8ter Boi” and as fashionable as my fellow Fashionista? Hop on the sneaker trend! More on the girly or simpler side? Try something like these light pink lace-ups. You can still rock them with your ripped jeans and bring out your edgy side, all while staying true to your feminine style!