ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simplicity Is Key

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simplicity Is Key

In the middle of January, it’s hard to find the motivation to dress remotely nice. I know for me, when I go to class I try to wear as many layers as I can and I often end up wearing a full on sweatsuit.

Walking around campus, I came across this gem wearing appropriate clothes for the weather, while also maintaining great style. This Fashionista layered up with the simplest pieces. She tied it all together with some accessories and detailing. This outfit immaculately displays the importance of having one or two eye-catching pieces within an outfit. The addition of Sam Edelman cheetah print leather booties and hat ties the simple outfit together. Too many accessories aren’t always a good thing. Her entire outfit does not take away attention from the boots and the hat. If her outfit were intricate and complicated, the importance of her accessories would vanish.

I absolutely adore this concept. I am such an advocate of simple outfits with one or two pieces that really stand out. Her newsboy hat is a vastly growing trend in 2017. So many Instagram style icons and celebrities are constantly rocking these cuties such as Devon Carlson and Bella Hadid. Bella Hadid actually recently partnered with Chrome Hearts and designed hats just like the one this Fashionista is wearing. I asked her where she bought this black felt newsboy hat and she said it was purchased at a thrift store in New York. Love it! It’s such an easy way to enhance an outfit. The cream lettuce hem long sleeve shirt gives the edgy, black distressed denim jacket a soft, girly touch. I love the mini turtleneck on the long sleeve shirt. It’s super unique while adding warmth and style. I’m all about turtlenecks in the winter.

People often try to overcompensate with their outfits by adding too much. This Fashionista displays a perfect example of how you can add an edge to any outfit with the addition of some unique accessories and details! Simplicity is key.