ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple, Sassy, and Slaying

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple, Sassy, and Slaying

When you think of bohemian, what do you think of? Floral patterns, vibrant colors, stones, and nature are all adjectives that we think of when we hear bohemian. We often think that mastering the boho goddess look is layering and having extravagant outfits. Well, that is not the case here. You can certainty master a bohemian look with a few simple staples, and you will be sure to slay the party you are going to or the lunch date you are attending.

A black crop top is going to be a huge help when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. No matter what kind of personal style you have a black crop top will always come in handy for basically any outfit! The black crop top balances the outfit since it has pattern in the pants. These pants are probably the most comfortable pants you could own that are not pajamas! Soft pants or bohemian pants are essential for any lazy girl, comfy girl, or boho girl! Taking on the world with these bold patterned pants will make you feel like you can also conquer it! Patterned soft pants are an easy way to edge out of your simple side and channel your inner bold girl. Nothing too extravagant, but still a small step to sassy. This is a nice way to add a little fun and freeness to your wardrobe.

Since there is a black crop top incorporated into the outfit, adding black shoes to the look is crucial for balancing the color story. This Fashionista is obsessed with her combat boots and does not go a day without wearing them! If you want to be a bit less edgy of a girl, you can add a fringe sandal, depending on what you wanted to do with the look.

For accessories, layering is super important. Stack-able chokers and necklaces are the way to go, and even if you add different variations it does not look like it is too much. Two dainty chokers are stacked, as well as a moon phase necklace. When we talk bohemian jewelry we talk about a lot of bracelets and a lot of metals. Alex and Ani have the best layer-able bracelets. This Fashionista is also sporting a Fitbit. Athleisure accessories are definitely making a huge impact on the world of fashion so be sure to get your hands on them.

No matter what style you are, you are important, loved, and fabulous! Remember to always embrace who you are through you wardrobe, and you will shine so bright people are going to ask you where your sunglasses are from. Thanks for reading, and stay fabulous.