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Florals for men? Groundbreaking.

As we reach the end of winter, everything becomes more lively and vibrant with the anticipation of spring. The weather is less bitter, the sun is warmer, the smiles are wider, students everywhere are happier, and our spring clothes beg to be worn. Everything transforms in the spring, including style. We go from wearing heavy coats, scarves, boots, and hats to wearing layers of lighter attire.

This Fashionisto could have thrown on sweatpants and a sweatshirt for his busy day of classes and meetings, but instead he carefully curated a stylish outfit that was perfect for early March. He pulled inspiration from the hippie style of the 1960s and ’70s in his color and pattern choices, but gave his look a modern twist by implementing skinny denim and more structured pieces. He centered his whole outfit around a focal point: his silky turquoise floral button-down. The beautiful fabric is flowy and springy. It’s trendy and vintage at the same time.

To give his outfit a more relaxed vibe, this Fashionisto unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt. His neutral chestnut jacket and distressed black denim give balance to the outfit, without taking away from his top. For the finishing touches, he added a pale pink Stussy hat and pink suede boots. The color pink adds a nice contrast to the rest of the outfit; it subtly coordinates with the less noticeable colors in his shirt and takes this outfit to the next level. This look can easily be replicated for all of you Fashionistas. Pick your favorite neutral jacket, black denim, and pair it with a statement blouse and eccentric booties.

I’ve always said that centering your outfit around a single piece is a great styling tip, and this Fashionisto is the perfect example. Having a single focal point allows you to show off one item that you absolutely love, with no distractions.