ALL IN THE DETAILS: Silk, Embroidery and Denim

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Silk, Embroidery and Denim

Winter is approaching! In the Midwest, that means we are holding on to all our fall clothes, like the pieces featured in this look, for as long as we can. I couldn’t help but notice this Fashionista sporting uniquely paired trends like a pro.

We’ve seen bombers everywhere, in lookbooks, on Instagram and even on the runway. Yes, maybe fall was the season of the bomber jacket, but that isn’t stopping this Fashionista. My favorite piece in this entire look has to be the silk bomber jacket from H&M. The tiger embroidered patches makes it seem like it was pulled straight from the Gucci resort 2017 collection. There is so much detail in this bomber, from the intricate patches to the thick, gold zipper. Aside from the detail, the silk material creates an interesting contrast to the matte finish of the rest of the outfit.

I’ve heard the struggle of questioning how to pair the bomber jacket from fellow fashion lovers. Try going for a body hugging dress and choker or do what this Fashionista did and keep to the basics. The maroon turtleneck and light-washed distressed denim work so nicely with the bold jacket because they are simple without looking boring. When in doubt grab the basics.

We can’t forget the black knee-highs! Who does love a good pair of knee-high boots that makes them feel confident and edgy? A pair like this adds more definition to the look as a whole but doesn’t cross the line of being too much.