ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shredded Jeans

Going to class can be a huge bore, especially with summer approaching. Know what is the best way to be ready to trek to the nearest lecture? Looking your best while still being comfy and casual. This Fashionista does just that as she rocks the perfect end of the school year outfit. Who needs to stress about finals when you can rock ripped jeans?

This Fashionista pulls these jeans off perfectly as the shredded look elongates her legs. This light wash paired with a skinny fit creates a great summer pant. To create an even more summery look by cuffing the bottom of these jeans, this Fashionista shows a little ankle while perfectly showcasing her booties.

The Fashionista’s booties are a great way to amp up her look. Her gray cotton T-shirt is casual and cute, yet the booties bring her jeans and T-shirt attire to a whole new level. The mini heel guarantees that these boots aren’t too over the top; the neutral color brings versatility while still adding a point of freshness to the outfit.

The way to tie this outfit together is with accessories. This Fashionista does just that by donning a simple silver necklace. In addition, by putting her hair into a high pony this Fashionista makes it an essential part of her outfit. Even when getting ready to take her finals, this Fashionista doesn’t need to worry about any annoying flyaways and still looks chic.

How To: Rock these jeans and booties wherever you go, whether it be on a date or a day on the town. All you have to do is pair the bottom half of this outfit with a fancy tank top or a cozy sweater depending on the season.