ALL IN THE DETAILS: Show Your Stripes

In my humble opinion, stripes are the ultimate pattern to wear. They give off a vibe that is unattainable through any other design out there. Because they are often associated with French culture, wearing them seems to make an outfit seem rather cool. Just wearing one can make you feel like you could easily partake in some Bastille Day festivities. Owning a striped shirt allows you to have a chic and effortless looking outfit, when all you may have done was pull a T-shirt over your head. Stripes are the ultimate wardrobe staple.

This Fashionisto has some fun with his set of stripes. He begins with a classic black and white striped T-shirt. Over that, he throws on a delightfully fuzzy sweater, which is ideal for chilly spring days, or when the inside air conditioning makes a warm, sunny day feel like it’s the middle of February. The pink, purple and blue colors of his sweater are appropriate for the season as well. He then tucks his T-shirt into a pair of loosely fitted high-waisted black jeans. The dark color of the jeans lets the sweater be the focal point of the outfit while complementing the black and white striped shirt. He finishes off his awesome and unique look with a killer pair of blue denim Converse All-Stars that look perfectly disheveled.

How To: The perfect striped shirt is hard to find. Once you located it, pair it with some high-waisted jeans like this Fashionisto and your favorite pair of sneakers of ankle boots!