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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Show Those Ankles

April 14th, 2015 at 2:05am

Between beaches and classes there is no denying that cuffed pants are in. They are everywhere and on almost everyone. And who could blame them? Not only is it a flexible look that can be incorporated to any kind of style—grunge, preppy, casual, masculine and feminine—this detail helps lengthen your legs and, in turn, slims your body down. And if those weren’t enough reasons, it is also Ezra Koenig’s (from Vampire Weekend) favorite look. Do I want to look just as cool as him? I certainly do.

If I wasn’t clear about New Mexico’s weather—it’s bipolar. It’s cold, hot, windy and raining all in one day. And it can be hard to dress for such craziness. This Fashionisto rocks the “bring it weather, you can’t stop me” look.

He wears his dark-washed cuffed jeans with a pair of brown Sperry Top-Siders, which are great for combating the surprise rain of the Southwest weather. He tops it off with a patterned T-shirt to add some fun texture to the look. Oh, and don’t forget his hair that has just the right amount of messy and “try coming at him now, wind” vibe.

How To: Grab some nice form-fitted jeans and cuff them. Pair them with your old Sperry Top-Siders, loafers or your favorite tennis shoes. Finish the outfit off with a printed T-shirt to mix it up and create a cool detail. Finally, style your hair with a messy look that will have a natural feel and durability to the hot/windy/rainy weather.