ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shine Bright With A Collar

March 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

With one day being cold, and the next being warm, we are officially back in the season of layering. With midterms approaching, we are looking to dress in a comfortable yet stylish way. After all, we must always dress to impress. This Fashionista shows one easy way to look professional while going to class by mixing both her spring and fall wardrobe, while focusing on a key featured piece—her collar.

At this point in the semester, we are starting to dig through our closets and select the few items which we can pull off as transitional pieces. This Fashionista rocks a bold cerulean shirt that brings color and life to the rest of her wintery outfit. From black jeans to the black leather jacket, this is an outfit made for the winter. However, once she paired a vibrant blue shirt with the jacket and jeans, there was an instant burst of spring. The bright blue brings life to the outfit and makes someone do a double take, as it is intense and exciting.

While the blue shirt stands out, what really makes this outfit pop is the intricate collar. The peter-pan collar brings a good-girl look to the otherwise edgy outfit. This Fashionista does not need any other accessories, as the collar has enough bling. The collar does not look cheesy or juvenile but rather sophisticated and stylish.

Don’t put your winter clothes away just yet. There are still days that are chilly, and you will need to dress in layers. Take advice from this Fashionista and find a few key summer pieces which you can use to transition into the spring.

How To: Don’t have a collar shirt? No problem! Tons of stores are selling them now, but you can get the same effect with a statement collar necklace. Pair a bold statement necklace and a bright T-shirt with black jeans and you have this Fashionista’s outfit!