Go back to The Lizzie McGuire Movie for a moment. Remember when Isabella Parigi asks Lizzie if she is really going to believe a guy who tells her she “shines like the light from the sun?” That’s exactly what I thought of the second I spotted this Fashionista. Everything from her white denim to her silver arm candy begged me to say it out loud, but I refrained. Unlike Paolo from the movie, I would have used the line literally. This Fashionista actually shines like the light from the sun. If you were to take photos of the sun, they would develop looking just like the photos of her outfit.

This Fashionista builds her outfit around her top. Boxy, cropped, metallic, blue, beaded…what is it not? The silver of her bracelets and sandals really bring out the metallic suggestions in her top, adding a hint of overall shimmer to her look. She uses white denim as a strong base, which makes the rest of her outfit stand out even more. My favorite part  is how she subtly bridges the contrast of her neutral pant and colorful top with a soft-looking, oatmeal-colored sweater. Her look is polished but still fun and bold.

How To: Want your everyday look to be a bit more shimmery? Try a pair of sunglasses with a metallic frame. People will stare, and you’ll wonder, “Are they looking at me? Are they looking at my shades? Did I blind them?” If you and your shimmer did, in fact, momentarily blind them, then… congratulations! You’ve accomplished the goal of the season: to dress so you shine like the light from the sun.